Advertising/ Fairs

The blog's reach is growing and growing, even internationally. Because it is reported bilingually (English). Therefore is a very good advertising medium with a steadily increasing readership. This trend will continue in 2023. The website is considered both a must-read in the industry, as well as being actively used by newcomers/ SMEs. This is reflected in the high number of visits via search engines (Google).

Calls/ Visitors2,001,69
From search engines 29.00148.298

Advertising can be booked in many ways. As Gif at the edge (month 500 € net) up to paid partnerships. A short call or mail contact would be the beginning(contact). The advertisement is suitable excellently around on fairs to tune in.

(Started as "", when the word MRK was still used like "Cobot", the website has long been reporting about robotics in general. Therefore more and more lat name is used).

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