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ABB with new five-axis delta robot

Many new palletizing solutions have been introduced at Cobots in recent months. However, before the large carton can be lifted, many small packs often have to be filled first. In certain segments, speed is of the essence here. A new delta robot from ABB can lift/turn products weighing up to 1 kg at 120 times per minute. With the constellation (120 kg/minute), however, there would probably be one industrial robot at the end of the packing line instead of several cobots. To the ABB press release:

  • FlexPicker® IRB 365 with 1.5 kilogram payload: fastest delta robot in its class for picking and packing applications
  • Flexible use for different applications - from shelf-ready packaging to package sorting and bottle handling
  • Reduction of commissioning time from days to hours thanks to ABB PickMaster® Twin software

Maximum load 1.5 kg

ABB is expanding its range of FlexPicker® delta robots with the IRB 365, which has five axes and a payload of 1.5 kilograms. The IRB 365 is not only flexible, but also the fastest delta robot in its class - especially when it comes to reorienting packaged, lightweight products such as cookies, chocolates, peppers, candy, small bottles or packages.

The FlexPicker® IRB 365 is the latest addition to ABB's portfolio of delta robots. It has five axes and offers a payload of 1.5 kilograms.

Online retailing as a driver of innovation

The IRB 365 was developed against the background of ever-growing online trade and the increasing demand for shelf-ready packaged products. It is therefore ideally suited for use in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. In these industries in particular, speed as well as the ability to quickly adapt production lines as needed are crucial.

"Products weighing one kilogram can be picked up by the IRB 365 at 120 picks per minute, vertically aligned and placed in the retail carton," points out Roy Fraser, global product manager at ABB Robotics. "Our customers recognize that the growth of online retail is fueling demand for shelf-ready packaged goods. Fittingly, we have developed a new Delta robot that is up to the challenge. Because it can handle more products per minute, the IRB 365 increases productivity. At the same time, it saves time and energy, thus ensuring greater efficiency in production."

Multiple feeding applications

The IRB 365 covers a wide range of applications: Product feeding and reorientation, top loading, secondary packaging, bottle handling, unpacking, 3D picking and package sortation. Powered by the OmniCoreTM C30 controller - the smallest delta robot controller on the market - the system offers best-in-class motion control, integrated digital connectivity and more than 1,000 additional hardware and software features to meet future needs.

Thanks to ABB's PickMaster® Twin software, the IRB 365 can be integrated into packaging lines in hours instead of days. And with the help of Digital Twin technology, changeover times are reduced from hours to minutes.

The IRB 365, the newest addition to ABB's portfolio of picking and packing robots, can be combined with other robots such as the IRB 390 to pick, handle and pack products weighing from a few grams up to 15 kilograms.

ABB's new IRB 365 covers a wide range of applications, from product feeding and reorientation to secondary packaging and bottle handling.

(All photos: ABB)

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