Doosan Robotics introduces compact E series

When an IPO is imminent, the aspirant wants to show itself from its best side. After all, the potential should be presented to investors and the company's own value increased. This is what Doosan Robotics from South Korea is doing. The current investment of the Doosan Group wants to raise $750 million and thus provide the group with a lush return. Doosan Robotics already has a large portfolio of cobots. What was missing until now was a small robotic arm. This is now available, as the press release shows:


5 kg load capacity and reach of 91 cm

The E-SERIES owes its name to the technological edge ("Edge") it offers. The series features flexibility to produce virtually any food and beverage product, yet is available at extremely competitive prices and meets industry-leading safety and sanitation standards. Doosan Robotics' E-SERIES recently received National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification for food hygiene safety, which is ensured thanks to special features such as sealed gaps between the cobot's connecting axes. By reducing weight and using a slim design, the E-SERIES is easy to install and fits seamlessly into work areas. Its payload of 5 kg and reach of nearly 3 feet (almost 91.44 cm) provide enough capacity to complete any food-related task with ease.

Doosan Robotics E-SERIES

The Doosan Robotics E-SERIES has been tested for a variety of applications, including its implementation at Robert Chicken, a Korean fried chicken concept operated exclusively by cobots. The E-SERIES has also been tested and deployed to make coffee and other beverages, using the Dr. Presso developed by Doosan Robotic. Doosan Robotics plans to continue adapting the E-SERIES to other F&B applications. These include setting up baking, grilling and specialty functions within the QSR category.

With the launch of the E-SERIES, Doosan Robotics introduces 13 new cobots - the largest lineup in the global cobot market with an extensive range of product options, including the M-, A- and H-SERIES, tailored to customers' process performance and industrial needs. 

"Our E-SERIES cobots are specifically designed to transform the food and beverage industry, provide immediate solutions to labor shortages and improve labor efficiency. Based on this momentum, we will continue to lead the global cobot industry," said William (Junghoon) Ryu, chief executive officer of Doosan Robotics.

Doosan E-SERIES cobots will begin shipping in June with exclusive discounts on the first purchase.

Information about Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics was founded in 2015 by the Doosan Group. The company develops advanced technology and provides cobot solutions for the manufacturing industry, service industry and more. The group was founded in 1896, has 25 subsidiaries and 114 global companies, and generated revenues of $13 billion in 2022.

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