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drag&bot: New opportunities thanks to acquisition by Keba

At the beginning of 2022, the Stuttgart-based start-up drag and bot - a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart - was acquired by KEBA Industrial Automation in Linz. The company's main product was "drag&bot OS", a manufacturer-independent operating system for industrial robots. drag&bot OS enables easy operation and customization of various applications such as machine loading and unloading or assembly. A main goal of the acquisition was to push the international marketing of drag&bot OS more strongly and to use synergies and new opportunities by combining drag&bot OS with KEBA's product portfolio to make the product even better.

Integration in Kemro

Since the takeover, a lot has happened and the new direction of the product is set:: drag&bot OS is now part of the KEBA automation solution Kemro X. Kemro X is the modular system for industrial automation (hardware and software) from KEBA Industrial Automation GmbH and consists of controllers, I/Os, mobile and stationary operating devices, servo controllers including motors, safety technology and the modular control platform FlexCore. This results in new possibilities that make drag&bot OS particularly interesting for system integrators and machine/plant builders:

  • thanks to the use of KEBA control hardware, additional I/Os and fieldbus interfaces can be added in the form of I/O modules and expansion cards and used from drag&bot OS
  • parallel to the application program created in the drag&bot OS no-code programming environment and thus easily adaptable, further logic can be mapped on the optional parallel PLC, e.g. for controlling a conveyor belt or other peripherals without their own control.
  • The graphical user interface of drag&bot OS can be displayed on a KEBA mobile handheld control unit, which also enables jogging of the robot via buttons and thus operation and programming of the robot system exclusively with drag&bot OS.

By combining drag&bot OS and Kemro X, system integrators and machine/plant builders get the opportunity to combine classic PLC-based automation with the ease of use of drag&bot OS, and

To provide your customers with easy-to-use and flexible robot automation.

The new possibilities resulting from the combination of drag&bot OS and Kemro X will be presented by drag and bot in a free webinar on March 3 from 10 am to 12 pm.

For more information on the webinar and to register, click here:

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