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Fruitcore - HORST (kein Cobot)Greifer

fruitcore: HORST now with lightweight suction pad

After a (very) good year 2022 - successful financing, considerable sales - the Constance-based startup fruitcore robotics starts with a new video. In this video, we can see for the first time how a "Digital Robot Horst" is equipped with a suction pad. This indicates that vacuuming will be one of the next solutions that fruitcore robotics will offer.

GTS Perfomance provides the gripper

The related gripper is the GTS Herga from the Ulm-based company Greif-Technik-Schmid GmbH, better known as "GTS Performance". Up to now, this company has primarily acted as a partner of gripper manufacturers(link) and apparently wants to increasingly present itself with its own products. The gripper used by fruitcore, for example, is available from Unchained Robotics for €3,900. Since the HORST 900 shown in the video currently costs €13,500, the set would be cheaper than - almost - any Cobot. The prerequisite is that the customer wants to do without the advantages of a cobot and is able to cope with the limitations of the robot (in this case payload without gripper 5 kg, reach 900 mm).

fruitcore robotics expected to target additional markets in Europe in 2023

fruitcore robotics is thus striving for new application markets. It will be interesting to see whether the company will also offer larger payloads in 2023. The HORST 1400 is currently the "strongest" robot with a payload of 12 kg. For the hotly contested palletizing market, this payload seems to be sufficient only to a limited extent. I cannot judge whether the existing device architecture can be enlarged as desired. Geographically, Italy is already being served outside the DACH region. France could be the next target market here.

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