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Andere, innovative RoboterNeura Robotics

Interview Marwa ElDiwiny with David Reger (CEO Neura Robotics)

In my opinion, there are cobot manufacturers that should achieve good growth with solid robots for years to come. The "really big" innovation is not to be expected from them. But their customers don't want/need them either. And then there are manufacturers who want "the really big thing". Neura Robotics is definitely one of them. In addition, the company is targeting private households as customers in the medium term, as has already been described here.

Brand new, a longer conversation with company founder, CEO and shareholder David Reger can be seen on YouTube (below). He provides further insights - including from his visions. Finally, he outlines the upcoming automatica appearance, which certainly has surprises in store. The partner network will be presented in Munich, that much can already be revealed.

Asked the questions in the conversation/ interview by Marwa Eldiwiny MSc (photo above), Marwa A. ElDiwiny is a junior researcher (PhD) working on modeling and simulation of self-healing soft materials for industrial applications (University of Enschede/ NL).

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