Han's Robot: Elfin - interesting cobot series from China with voice control

The Chinese company Han's Robot wants to increasingly supply the European market. Currently, the company offers three MRK. The video shows an interesting teach process. Apparently after selecting an app for visual recognition and sorting of parts, the robot first acoustically asks for the relevant part. This is shown to it. Then it asks where it has to take the part. At the end of the process, the robot takes stock and counts the containers. The models are apparently available from 20,000 euros.

Christmas gifts
Model E 3 E 5 E 10
Poor 1 1 1
Axes 6 6 6
Reach mm 590 800 1.000
Load capacity kg 3,0 5,0 10,0
Own weight kg 17,0 23,0 40,0
Repeatability mm 0,05 0,05 0,05
Temperature degrees C 0-50 0-50 0-50
IP 54 54 54

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