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Modified grippers from Robotiq for cobots

The much praised and described flexibility of cobots requires robots that are easy to program. But these are of little use if the accessories put the brakes on flexibility. Many grippers can already be adapted very quickly to the new task. Robotiq has now stepped up the pace once again. The two modified models (net price roughly €4,500) have a maximum span of 85 mm to 140 mm. The grippers are clever due to the simple integration/assembly to the cobot (at Universal Robots even by means of plug & play), the easily exchangeable fingers, the naturally beautiful design. For high cycle times, the closing speed is of great importance. Currently supported are cobots of the manufacturers UR, OMRON, Hanwha, Doosan, Aubo and Yaskawa.

The above table was taken from the datasheet, of course a video says more than words:

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The author of this blog is available for market research or even a walk through your production/manufacturing or by phone based on photos/descriptions at a fixed price(detail), to then make concrete proposals for the use of cobots and other robots incl. funding opportunities. Both SMEs and large companies are visited. Among other things in Bavaria a 50% investment promotion is conceivable. The standard book about cobots also comes from him. In addition, he is very familiar with the KfW-Corona programs (incl. exemptions).

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