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Robotics in the kitchen, in the home

Christmas is over and if the kitchen work was too much for you, you now have time to think about how to get around it next Christmas. Besides automating a kitchen machine, as NEURA ROBTICS and VisCheck showed at automatica(link), there are much more elaborate solutions. These are still largely in development, but the coming months may already produce finished products.

Samsung is driving on two tracks

Samsung introduced its Samsung Bot Handy 12 months ago. This is a household robot that is not yet available for purchase. However, similar to the Mipa from NEURA ROBOTICS, it is probably not intended for cooking, but rather for serving and other household services. Samsung still has robot arms in the pipeline that hang above the stove. However, the following video is already two years old and no big news from South Korea could be heard since then:

Moley Robotics seems to be more active in research.

Moley Robotic has been dedicated to kitchen connectivity since 2014

The London-based company pursues a holistic, AI-supported approach. Kitchen appliances are networked for this purpose. This is interesting in terms of sustainability; for example, the first refrigerators already know what is in them and what the best-before date is. Based on this information, recipe suggestions are then created, which the robot implements. Finger grippers are considered necessary for this, as well as a good vision. After all, 5,000 recipes should already be cookable today.

Surprisingly, the company is eagerly looking for staff, but has only raised 1 million + crowd according to Crunchbase. Presumably, it has already received a mid to higher double-digit million amount in total.

Approximately this taste has the target customers.

Moley is said to have already sold the first complete kitchens for the hefty price of $350,000. Since there are certainly a high four- or even five-figure number of younger tech-savvy multi-millionaires around the world, there should also be an interesting market for this niche. In addition, commercial kitchens are also offered.

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