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Universal Robots cracks new sales mark - long service life

The article below is dated January 2020. In November 2020, the company announced the delivery of Cobot No. 50,000.

After MRK market leader Universal Robots, founded in 2005, proudly announced the sale of its 25,000 Cobot in August 2018, the 40,000 robot was recently sold with far less attention. Around 15,000 cobots sold within a good year show the increasing acceptance. What is known is that a single customer has already ordered over 1,000 UR and that numerous MRK are in research facilities etc. and thus not in productive use. Not yet known is how much the new UR 16e, which can lift a proud 16 kg, has contributed to the recent success.

The durability of the UR cobots, at least of the predecessor series of today's e-series, was recently experienced by the author first-hand: A user reported the use of several UR since 2010 in 3-shift operation. These were only recently overhauled for the first time. Depending on the calculation, the robots thus have between 40,000 and 50,000 operating hours on the hump, i.e. depreciation per hour of about 75 cents.

The author of this blog is available for market research or even a walk through your production/manufacturing at a fixed price(detail), and then make specific proposals for the use of cobots and other robots incl. funding opportunities. Both SMEs and large companies are visited. Among other things in Bavaria a 50% investment promotion is conceivable. The standard book on cobots also comes from him.

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