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KEWAZO has made it: scaffolding robot works

KEWAZO came to my attention a few years ago during a startup competition. The company, which at the time consisted of Munich students/graduates, wanted to partially automate scaffolding construction. Scaffolding is back-breaking work: The heavy steel parts have to be carried up or juggled and then fastened. However, the job also involves many idle phases. Until another part arrives at the top, the work is at rest. The risk of accidents is considerable. KEWAZO wanted to simplify this with an elevator. (M.W. moving both horizontally and vertically.) However, the development of the liftbot obviously took longer than planned, but has nevertheless been successfully completed. This, of course, speaks for the perseverance of the founders.

Considering the enormous market potential (industry sales of 3 billion euros in Germany alone), investors could receive a good return for the rather low investment of just under 4 million euros. Allegedly, more than 40% of the previous man-hours can be saved.

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