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KUKA: The new cobots

Not yet included here are the new cobots from KUKA. KUKA, a cobot pioneer, has had only a limited and higher-priced offering.(Photo above: KUKA AG.)

By the way, according to the statutes of the German Robotics Association, only companies with a significant value added in Germany may be members of the association. Although KUKA is a Chinese company, it generates a considerable part of its value added in Germany. If any decision-maker is reading this, the DRV would certainly be happy to have a member. I can well imagine that we are now entering a phase in which society is deciding on the future use of robotics.

Stronger and further also applies to KUKA

At automatica, KUKA presented further models of the sensitive lightweight robots from the LBR iisy series - with more reach, payloads of 11 and 15 kilograms and a higher protection class. The LBR iisy 11 R1300 and the LBR iisy 15 R930 are to be available from the end of 2022. Along with the LBR iisy 3, they are the first robots from KUKA to run on the new iiQKA.OS operating system. The new operating system is the future way to work with KUKA robots: intuitive, fast and powerful, according to the press release. The range of the cobots corresponds to their designation in mm.

By way of introduction, a first video:

... and a case study:

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