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One of the industries with the greatest staffing problems is the food service industry: working hours are often unfavorable, fluctuation and thus the learning curve are high. Kitchen robots have been presented here several times, service robots that serve, less often. The Chinese company Keenon Robotics is a force to be reckoned with in this sector. Its robots are already in use in 500 cities in 60 different countries.

The equipment corresponds to that of AMR

The company's service robots are used in the hospitality industry, but also in the healthcare sector. They are equipped with a lidar system and sensor technology. The software includes artificial intelligence. Around 12 hours of operation are said to be possible with one charge of electricity - charging time 4 hours. Life expectancy is said to be 20,000 hours. They are only intended for indoor use up to 5 degrees slope. The video shows the use in a Japanese restaurant. According to NZZ, Japanese restaurants often have to offer buffets because they have too few staff. As is well known, labor migration as in Germany is hardly possible in Japan.

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