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Cobot cart with image processing solution

At the beginning of the week, a press release about a helpful tool:

ibk IngenieurConsult GmbH combines a cobot including image processing solution from bci GmbH with a mobile trolley and thus provides flexibility for the automation of manual processes in production. Conceivable applications are, for example, the quality inspection of components, mechanical production, part sorting, inspection of production steps or a workstation for random sample inspection.

Complete solutionfor automating manual work steps in production

A collaborative robot can perform a wide variety of tasks. Recently, applications for automatic welding, assembly in the production line or even making music have been seen on the MRK Blog. If you now combine the cobot with a camera, many more areas of application emerge. In the video you can see possible applications in the assembly of a mobile cart, specially designed for the Cobot, as well as image processing technology with pre-programmed applications.

"With the CobotWagen bci Edition in our portfolio, we can now also provide interested parties and customers in the field of image processing with a ready-made complete solution. The automation of previously manual work steps in production can thus be implemented in an uncomplicated and flexible manner," says Christian Torp, ibk.

Another advantage: The ibk CobotWagen enables uncomplicated and flexible operation at changing locations in the company. Via the integrated connection cable, the CobotTrolley is connected to an earthed socket and is immediately ready for operation after the adjustable feet have been extended. The system can be individually configured and converted for different application purposes.

LabTalk webinar series live from the innovation lab

The partner companies ibk and bci GmbH have not only developed this joint solution, but also want to share their knowledge in this area. This idea gave rise to the LabTalk webinar series, in which the automation of previously manual processes in production and logistics is the topic. Together with other partners from their network, they regularly present solutions and knowledge live from ibk's innovation lab. The topic of the first event on September 14 was, of course, the joint CobotWagen.

"LabTalk opens up the opportunity for us to show our customers: Your vision is tangible! We can show which techniques can be used for which tasks. And also convey: You don't need to be shy about your challenge! We solve it.", says Peter Schiermann, bci GmbH.

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