Slightly whimsical, but fully capable hybrid cobot

Hybrid cobots, i.e. the combination of a normal MRK with a mobile robot, are predicted to have a great future. Because within a short time can be independently at different workplaces. However, both units quickly cost €30,000, so that the total of €60,000 is a deterrent. French startup MIP robotics has now linked its unusual but fully functional cobot to a proven AIV (autonomous intelligence vehicle) from Omron. Since the MIP only costs about €10,000, the hybrid cobot will probably cost under €40,000. By the way, MIP's reference list is getting longer and longer and already includes names like Airbus, Toshiba or Thales.

"Typically" a hybrid cobot looks like this (here an Omron AIV with an Omron Cobot):

The author of this blog is available for market research or even a walk through your production/manufacturing at a fixed price(detail), and then make specific proposals for the use of cobots and other robots incl. funding opportunities. Both SMEs and large companies are visited. Among other things in Bavaria a 50% investment promotion is conceivable. The standard book on cobots also comes from him.

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