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USA: Robust AMR with 7-axis cobot

Hybrid cobots have a future. But the current mobile robots have one serious drawback: their tires have no tread. In the USA, there is the AMR from Waypoint Robotics, which is equipped with a lidar. As the first video shows, it can easily master unclean indoor floors. Unfortunately, it is not possible to judge whether it can also take the next step, e.g. drive over thresholds at the hall door or even tolerate a little snow (travel between two halls). In any case, it can do more than some of its colleagues:

The 7-axis machines from Productive Robotics have already been presented here several times. These are also not available in Europe, but are quite successful in the USA. Their payload reaches up to 12 kg with a reach of 1.39 m. Both companies advertise that this hybrid cobot is particularly easy to operate (program) and also inexpensive. In any case, the duo make a very good impression in the video. It would not be surprising if sooner or later an importer would be found. The speed of the mobile robot is 1.2 m/sec. The range is sufficient for 8 hours. It should be ready for use within 15 minutes. The Cobot can move at up to 3 m/sec - IP62.

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